Today is which day of valentine week? Valentine’s Week 2023 List

Today is which day valentine week, which valentine day is today, which day is 7th Feb to 14th Feb list, Valentine’s Week 2023 List

Valentine week is a week of eight days which is celebrated from 7 February to 14 February in every year. Each and every day during the valentine week is known as a specific day name. Here you will find which valentine day is today.

As we know that 14 February is celebrated as Valentine day but what about other days on valentine week. Check here about valentine week and today is which day of valentine week 2023.

Today is which day of valentine’s week

As I already mentioned a specific day name of valentine week in the above table where you can check today is which day of valentine week in 2023.

I again going to share today is which valentine day here.

Today the date is 11.02.2023 and today is Promise Day of valentine’s week 2023.

Chocolate day is the third day of valentine week. Today you have to give a chocolate to your lover and celebrate chocolate day right now.

Today is which day of valentine week

Valentine Week 2023 list

Valentine week 2023 starts from 07 February 2023 to 14 February 2023. All the days between 07 February to 14 February in the year 2023 are jointly called Valentine week 2023.

Each day of valentine week 2023 are known as a specific day i.e. Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day, Valentine’s Day.

Check below table to know the name of the day of valentine week for the year 2023 where every day of valentine week is clearly mentioned.

2023 valentine week days table

DaysValentine Week Days 2023Name of the Day
Day 107 February 2023 (Tuesday)Rose Day
Day 208 February 2023 (Wednesday)Propose Day
Day 309 February 2023 (Thursday)Chocolate Day
Day 410 February 2023 (Friday)Teddy Day
Day 511 February 2023 (Saturday)Promise Day
Day 612 February 2023 (Sunday)Hug Day
Day 713 February 2023 (Monday)Kiss Day
Day 814 February 2023 (Tuesday)Valentine Day

Rose Day on 07 February 2023

Rose Day is the first day of Valentine Week. Mostly people use red rose to celebrate rose day. Red colour is the symbol of true love hence everyone express their love by giving a red rose to her/his lover.

Propose Day on 08 February 2023

The second day of valentine week is the Propose Day. Couples propose each other to express their love on this day.

Some of the people express their feeling at the time of propose by singing a romantic song and some people propose by wearing a ring to their girlfriend.

Chocolate Day on 09 February 2023

The third day of the valentine week 2023 is celebrated as Chocolate day. People give a chocolate to their partner on this day.

Chocolate day image to wish

Teddy Day on 10 February 2023

Teddy Day is the fourth day of valentine week. People give a teddy bears to their special one to celebrate Teddy Day.

Promise Day on 11 February 2023

Promise Day i.e. 5th day of Valentine’s Week. People promise their love that they will be with each other for whole life, no matter what the situation will come.

Hug Day on 12 February 2023

The 6th day of the valentine’s week is Hug Day. On this day couples embrace their love partner to express love. While hugging couples talk with each to live together till death.

Couples hug their love partner on this day hence 6th day of the valentine week is known as Hug Day.

Kiss Day on 13 February 2023

13 February is celebrated as Kiss Day. It is the 7th day of Valentine’s Week.

On this special day, couples kiss with their partner to express love. A kiss convey a lot of feeling, strong emotionally attachment with each other.

Valentine Day on 14 February 2023

Finally, the last day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Valentine Day. Couples celebrate this day by spending whole day with their partner.

Valentine’s Day is a day to strong bond between two individuals and devotion to one another.

Valentine week list

Valentine's week list


Question 01- today is which day according to valentine week?

Answer- Today is Chocolate Day.

Question 02- Which special day is today of valentine’s week?

Answer- Today is Chocolate Day.

Question 03- Which day is celebrated today as per valentine week?

Answer- Today is Chocolate Day.

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